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Varsity sports scorecard for Oct. 7-12

October 14th, 2011 at 12:32 pm by Kipp Robertson
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against Olympic Oct. 7

Final: Oly 34, NK 28

RUSHING — K.Golden 5-40; J.Hadden 3-6; C.McCorkle 4-27; A.Milyard 6-(minus 23); D.Mitchell 9-49.

PASSING — A.Milyard 18-32-2-237.

RECEIVING — M.Adams 1-6; K.Golden 2-37; J.Hadden 1-(minus 3); C.McCorkle 1-19; J.Nettleton 9-121; A.Urquhart 4-93.


against Sequim Oct. 11

Final: NK 6, Seq. 0

First half: 1, NK, Delanee Nilles, 1st; 2, NK, Nilles, 4th; 3, NK, Cole (Lovato), 13th; 4, NK Wright, 25th.

Second half: 5, NK, Becca Cates (Nilles), 63rd; 6, NK, Brennan (Cates), 70th.


against Sequim Oct. 11

Final: NK 3-1 — 23-25, 25-21, 25-11, 25-20

Leaders: Sarah Baugh 16 kills, 8 assists, 22 digs; Meaghan Houser 12 kills, 35 digs; Briar Perez 5 kills; Nicole Weber 21 assists; Kalie Weible 9 digs.


against North Mason Oct. 7

Final: NK 7, NM 0

Singles: Zach Fohn (NK) def. Cody Champine 6-0, 6-0; Tyler Swansboro (NK) def. Bretty Kroum 6-0, 6-0; Sebastian Ford (NK) def. Villar 6-0, 6-0.

Doubles: Steven Breitmayer/ Alex Olson (NK) def. Nick Harkin/ Beau Eddy 6-0, 6-0; Shawn McBurney/ Zack Turley (NK) def. Nick Kissler/ Noah Wilson 6-0, 6-0; Nick Tedford/ Chris Gracey (NK) def. Ben Cook/ Ty Garland 6-0, 6-2; Butler/ Cardoso (NK) def. Brennan Ayers/ Terron 6-2, 6-2.


against Olympic Oct. 6

Final: NK 91, Oly 79

Top finishers: 200 Medley Relay — Vanichkul, Younie, Nelson, De.Ana, Reynaga (Oly) 2:11.81; 200 Free — Barnick (Oly) 2:12.27;  200 Individual Medley — B.Aban (NK) 2:18.92; 50 Free — Nelson (Oly) 28.33; 100 Fly — Nelson (Oly) 1:05.97; 100 Free — B.Aban (NK) 57.58; 500 Free — N.Lemon (NK) 6:33.43; 200 Free Relay — Aban, Lemon, Richardson, Schuman (NK) 1:58.54; 100 Back — Torres (Oly) 1:17.64; 100 Breaststroke — Vanichkul (Oly) 1:20.73; 400 Free Relay — Aban, Donnelly, Lemon, Shook (NK) 4:15.17.


against Port Townsend and Klahowya Oct. 12

Top NK results

Boys 5K: 1, Ian Christen 17:42.53; 4, Kyle Ramsey 18:06.44; 5, Cooper Wall 18:08.25; 10, Sam Zimmerman 18:26.11; 12, Adam Beck 18:42.36; 14, Shawn Swanson 18:46.11; 15, Dutton Polk 18:49.59.

Girls 5K: 1, Reagan Colyer 19:32.47; 2, Clara Lund 20:16.06; 3, Katrina Weinmann 21:28.42; 4, Olivia Krol 21:34.18; 7, Mikhaela Woodward 23:52.88; 8, Kristina Reid 23:56.16; 12, Lilian Raymond 24:30.42; April McCabe 24:33.13; 14, Abbey Swanson 24:56.08; 17, Lily Masters 26:02.32; 18, Maria Warns 26:10.39; 19, Taylor Benson 26:13.83; 20, Sara Berry-Maraist 26:24.40; 21, Sara Cannarella 26:25.47; 24, Anna Rutledge 28:11.68; 25, Malia Espinosa 28:21.28; 27, Lydia Sedy 28:56.85; 31, Rachel Fowers 34:48.99.


against Sequim Oct. 7

Final: Seq. 27, KHS 13

RUSHING — S.Byers 23-93; B.Reece 1-4; C.Setterlund 5-16; B.Sundquist 2-4; D.White 3-8.

PASSING — S.Byers 4-13-2-48; B.Reece 1-1-0-14.

RECEIVING — B.McMullen 2-16; B.Reece 1-16; R.Sander 2-30.


against Sequim Oct. 6

Final: KHS 4, Seq. 1

First half: 1, KHS, Maddy Daley (Katie Keller).

Second half: 2, Seq., Nikke Nace, 46th; 3, KHS, Rebecca Tafte, 51st; 4, KHS, Tafte, 67th; 5, KHS, Sara Fick (Kristi Mullem), 69th.


against Sequim Oct. 6

Final: Seq. 3-1: 25-18, 25-9, 25-17, 25-23

Leaders: Kiani Clissold 7 kills, Kimie Gerken 12 assists, Sarah McMullen 7 digs.


against Olympic Oct. 7

Final: KHS 6, Oly 1

Singles: Chris Daniels (KHS) def. Brandun Fontelar 6-0, 6-1; Andren Jones (Oly) def. Patrick Daniels 6-3, 6-4; Keenan Clark (KHS) def. Ben Parrish 6-1, 6-0.

Doubles: Kyle Hamal/ Loren Klemesrud (KHS) def. Christian Burnett Darren Toure 6-0, 6-0; Beau Rabedeaux/ Tyler Shuey (KHS) def. Brenden Horn/ Taylor Huddleston 6-0, 6-0; Cody Combs/ Cody Sweeeney (KHS) def. Sergio Menendez/ Will Leshley 6-1, 6-1; Erik Reichert/ Aaron McCanna (KHS) def. Noah Issac/ Jaehee Lee 6-2, 6-1.


against Port Townsend Oct. 6

Final: PT 113, KHS 56

Top finishers: 200 Medley Relay — 1, (PT) Madison Braeden, Serena Vilage, Olivia Cremeans, Renada Walcome 2:05.10; 200 Free — 1, (PT) Darby Flanagan 2:20.22; 200 Individual Medley — 1, (PT) Serena Vilage 2:35.93; 50 Free — 1, (PT) Rode Ridder :27.57; 100 Fly — 1, (PT) Raven Elis 1:10:55; 100 Free — 1, (PT) Averi Richert 1:05.10; 500 Free — 1, (PT) Flanagan 6:21.84; 200 Free Relay — 1, (PT) Richert, Cremeans, Vilage, Walcome 1:56.19; 100 Back — 1, (PT) Madison Braden 1:12.98; 100 Breast — 1, (PT) Vilage 1:18.30; 400 Free Relay — 1, (PT) Elis, Braden, Ridder, Flanagan 4:28.03.


against Olympic/ Bremerton Oct. 12

Team totals: Boys — 1, Oly 25; 2, KHS 35; 3, Brem. 73. Girls — 1, KHS 19; 2, Brem. 49; 3, Oly 64.

Top KHS results

Boys 5K: 3, Thomas Gill 17:55; 6, Devon Jacob 18:12; 7, Anthonmy Woelke 18:35; 8, Lucas Thompson 18:36; 11, Kevin Fox 18:57; 12, Luke Wenberg 19:09; 14, Nicholas Thibault 19:45.

Girls 5K (JV/Varsity): 1, Marina Roberts 18:46; 2, Annie Roberts 20:38; 4, Ivy Rodolf 22:53; 5, Troiahna Williams 23:27; 7, Cailyn Crossland 23:42; 11, Sarah DeAscentiis 25:10; 13, Lajoie Bradley 25:26; 14, Tatianna Finch 25:32; 15, Ashley Spooner 25:40; 17, Alexandra Ekonomakis 26:02; 22, Paige Heaps 28:55.

Meeting reminder | Community budget, levy meeting tonight at Kingston High School

October 4th, 2011 at 1:36 pm by Kipp Robertson
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The first of two community budget meetings begin tonight at 7 p.m. at the Kingston High School Library.

Superintendent Richard Jones will give a presentation followed by a discussion regarding the North Kitsap School District’s budget and a potential supplemental levy.

The district currently has a four-year school support levy, approved by 72 percent of North Kitsap voters in February 2010. The levy taxes homeowners a maximum of $1.96 per $1,000 of property value; the number can fluctuate with changes in property valuation assessments. A maximum of $13.6 million can be collected in 2012 from the current levy. The levy expires in 2014 and was a renewal of a 2006 levy, which expired in 2010.

A second meeting is scheduled for Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in the North Kitsap High School Library.

Rotary Youth Exchange seeking students to travel abroad

October 4th, 2011 at 9:38 am by Kipp Robertson
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Students in the North Kitsap School District have the opportunity to travel abroad for one year with the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

The exchange program is open to high school students, or those who just graduated. Students must be born between Aug. 16, 1994 and Aug. 16, 1996. Participants in the one year (long-term) exchange program attend the local high school. Each student will live with up to four different host families.

Craig Adams, the youth exchange officer for Poulsbo rotary, participated in the program in the late 1980s. Adams travelled to Germany and East Berlin, before the Berlin Wall fell. Since that time, the program’s become more organized; but it remains similar.

“It was really one of the best years of my life,” Adams said.

Currently, a student from Kingston High School is living in Venice, Italy. Adams said finding a student willing to spend their final year of high school in another country is difficult. Leaving behind friends and sports is something students may have difficulty with.

“I think it was absolutely worth spending my year abroad during my fourth year of high school,” Adams said. “Its better than sitting around at home.”

Though students will attend the local high school in the area they live, they will not receive high school credit.

If accepted, the cost for the one year is about $900 from the participating student. This covers approximately $600 in round-trip airfare and $300 in emergency funds — any money not used in emergency funds are returned. Families can provide as much money to the student as they want outside the required funds.

The rest of expenses are covered by the Rotary club. Adams said in all, the program is equivalent to about a $10,000 scholarship. Students are provided a monthly allowance of $50-$100 US, which varies by location.

If interested, contact Craig Adams (360) 620-1941 or

More information available here:

Applications can be downloaded here:







As of Monday afternoon, student enrollment was higher in the North Kitsap School District than originally expected.

The preliminary enrollment is 6,073. The district was budgeted for 6,055.

The district receives $5,242.46 per student annually from the state. If the number stays the same once enrollment numbers are finalized, the district will receive $94,364.28 in additional funding. Administration will continue analyzing the enrollment numbers to get a finalized outlook for the 2011-12 school year.

Enrollment breakdown (Per-school enrollment is not available.):

  • Elementary: 2,478
  • Middle school: 1,385
  • High school: 2,096
  • K-8 parent assisted learning: 83
  • Options: 24
  • Served outside district: 7

Kipp’s Corner | Getting away at Silver Lake

September 9th, 2011 at 9:47 am by Kipp Robertson
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OLYMPIC NATIONAL FOREST — The trail to Mount Townsend is well used. If you have lived in the Northwest long enough, chances are you have hiked — or have thought about hiking — the trail which extends more than five miles to the summit.

On any given weekend, vehicles overflow out of the parking lot at the upper trailhead. And it becomes standard to stop every few yards to wait for hikers traveling in the opposite direction.

The popularity of the trail may deter those looking to get away from crowds. The views, however, are well worth sacrificing quiet. An alternative to the top of Townsend also exists for an extra three miles of effort, Silver Lake.

My trip to the Silver Lakes trail began at the upper Mount Townsend parking lot on trail No. 842, departing around 5:30 p.m.

Hiking so late in the day gave me the comfort of ascending about 2,900 feet in cooler temperatures. However, there was about four hours of natural light to make it to the lake.

The way up offers great views along with a plethora of fauna and wildlife. There is no lack of switchbacks either. The trail ends at a Y, where hikers may go right to summit Mount Townsend, or left to Silver Lake. From the Y, it’s about three easy miles to the lake.

As I prepared to descend to Silver Lake, the sun was just going behind the peaks. Perfect — and lucky — timing.

Though there are no specific camp sites at Silver Lake, many commonly used grounds exist. The lake offers trout fishing — fishing license required — and opportunities to explore higher peaks.

During the second day, our group scrambled up an easterly slope to find not only spectacular views of Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and the geography of Kitsap and the Seattle area; but also a forest fire.

The smoke from the fire, which began in the Duckabush River Valley, at first looked similar to low clouds. As we began eating our lunch, the smoke rose high enough to block out many of the surrounding peaks.

Of course, cell phones were not receiving service. So we ate and waited.

Though the smoke continued to billow, our group did not feel we were in immediate danger. The possibility of having to quickly leave the area, however, stayed on my mind.

Despite the potential danger, the trip was a success. Silver Lake works as either a day hike or backpacking trip, but once there, leaving is difficult.

Kingston Buccaneers, North Kitsap Vikings return to the gridiron

August 17th, 2011 at 8:21 pm by Kipp Robertson
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Another chapter of  football in the North Kitsap School District started today, with both high school football teams began practice for the 2011-12 fall season today.

With a large turnout for both the Kingston Buccaneers and North Kitsap Vikings, both teams began conditioning under a clear sky. The Bucs will be looking to continue the success the team achieved last season — making it to the playoffs for the first time in program history. And the Vikings begin the season with Jeff Weible — the Viking’s baseball head coach — taking the helm.

Though both teams practiced with the intensity one might expect from a football team, Weible set a tone during the Viking’s practice that quickly began echoing throughout the crowd of young football players. With blow horn in hand, Weible told the crowd of the ancient Vikings before a battle; as a horn sounded, the Vikings would unleash a barrage on their enemy. At that, a (blow) horn did sound, and wave after wave of Vikings on the field began the first drills of the season.

Below, a few shots from both practices.

Seattle Bombers win 2011 Babe Ruth state tournament, North Kitsap falls in semifinal

July 25th, 2011 at 11:58 am by Kipp Robertson
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Out of the 10 teams in the Babe Ruth 2011 13-year-old state championship, North Kitsap became one of four vying for the title on July 23. With the championship three games away, the NK lost to the Seattle Bombers 8-5, ending five days of tournament play.

The Bombers went on to win the championship after defeating Ephrata 7-3 in the final game. The Bombers move on to the 13-Year-Old Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament, which is Aug. 1-6 in Kennewick, Wash. The winner of that goes on to the 13-Year-Old World Series (Aug. 19-Aug.26) in Clifton Park, N.Y.

Game Results (Played from July 19-24)

Anacortes Vs. Ephrata

July 19: EPH 4, ANA 3

ANA: 100 101 0 — 3 on 6 hits, 2 E

EPH: 001 111 0 — 4 on 5 hits, 2 E

Battery — EPH: Tyler Lutz, Logan Moss, Michael Crowder and Nathan Ball. ANA: Sean Ferdig, James Campbell and Hunter Anderson. W: Crowder. L: Campbell.

Lead offense — ANA: Hunter Anderson, RBI; Jake Fields, RBI; Joe Brennan, RBI.

EPH: Tyler Lutz 2 runs; Nathan Ball 2 hits, RBI; Seth Zerb. run; Michael Crowder, RBI; Dakota Taylor, hit, run.

Sedro Woolley Vs. Ellensburg

July 19: SW 5, ELL 4

SW: 000 021 2 — 5 on 5 hits, 4 E

EBG: 100 030 0 — 4 on 9 hits, 4 E

Battery — SW: Devin Willard, Carter Crosby and Eli Everson. EBG: Taylor Smith, Travis Lyman, Drew Ledgard, Donny Ellersick, Coleman Sparling and Isacc Wersland. W: Crosby. L: Sparling.

Lead offense — SW: Riley Gerard 2 runs, hit, RBI; Crosby run, hit; Everson 1 hit, RBI; Jordan Savage, run; Carter Needham, run, hit, RBI.

EBG: Travis Lyman, run, hit; Donny Ellersick, hit, RBI; Sparling, run, 2 hits, RBI; Taylor Smith, run, hit; Damien Higgenbotham, run, hit.

Seattle Bombers Vs. Spokane

July 19: SB 14, SPN 3

SB: 403 201 4 — 14 on 10 hits, 3 E

SPN: 002 100 0 — 3 on 2 hits, 4 E

Battery — SB: Ryan Monson, Trent Brooks and Nick Walls. SPN: Soren Stime, Sam Mobley, Dallas Pierce and Andy Johnson. W: Brooks. L: Stime.

Lead offense — SB: Will Kramer, 2 runs, 2 hits, 3RBI; Simon Forinash, 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI; Nick Walls, 3 runs, 3 hits, 3RBI; Zachary Levy, 2 runs; Justin Glazer, run, hit, RBI; Jason Sarver, run, hit, RBI; Matt Glazer, hit, 2RBI.

SPN: Cameron Supanchick, run; Noah McMahon, run; Riley Smith, run; Joey Biel, RBI.

Game 4 results not available

Sedro Wooley Vs. Olympic (Port Angeles)

July 20: OLY 5, SW 4

SW: 200 100 1 — 4 on 6 hits, 2 E

OLY: 211 100 X — 5 on 4 hits, 3 E

Battery — SW: Tristan Bradford and Eli Everson. OLY: Ricky Crawford, Kellen Landry and Adem Iseri-Fujii. W: Bradford. L: Iseri-Fujii.

Lead offense — SW: Dawson Biddix, run, hit; Riley Gerard, run; Everson, run, hit; Bill Hormbeck, run, hit, RBI; James Barney, hit, RBI; Bradford, hit, RBI.

OLY: Tanner Gochnour, run, hit; Austin Scarpa, run, RBI; Eathan Boyer, run, hit RBI; Adem Iseri-Fujii, RBI.

Anacortes Vs. Moses Lake

July 20: ANA 5, ML 3

ANA: 013 010 0 — 5 on 2 hits, 1 E

ML: 010 200 0 — 3 on 8 hits, 3 E

Battery — ANA: Joe Brennam, Derek Cherryholmes, james Campbell, Sean Ferdig. ML: Desmond Ortega, Cade Tunstall. W: Campball. L: Tunstall.

Lead offense — ANA: Max Thurmond, RBI; Elliot Horstman, run; Jake Fields, run, RBI; Hunter Anderson, hit, RBI.

ML: Ortega, run, 2 hits; Micah Sanchez, 2 hits, RBI; Cesar Sandoval, hit, RBI.

Ellensburg Vs. Spokane

July 20: EBG 4, SPN 1

EBG: 202 000 0 — 4 on 10 hits, 1 E

SPN: 000 100 0 — 1 on 3 hits, 0 E

Battery — EBG: Alex Jackson, Travis Lyman and Isaac Wersland. SPN: Noah McMahon, Sam Mobley and Andy Johnson. W: Jackson. L: McMahon.

Lead offense — EBG: Wrsland, 2 runs, 3 hits, 2RBI; Drew Ledgard, 3 hits, RBI; Jackson, hit, RBI.

SPN: McMahon, run; Dallas Pierce, hit, RBI.

Ephrata Vs. North Kitsap

July 20: EPH 4, NK 5

EPH: 111 010 0 — 4 on 10 hits, 2 E

NK: 120 020 0 — 5 on 4 hits, 7 E

Battery — EPH: Logan Moss, Michael Crowder, Tyler Lutz and Nathan Ball. NK: Connor Green, Joey Regan and Jarrod Felix. W: Regan. L: Crowder.

Lead offense — NK: Regan, run, 2 hits, 2RBI; Kole Milyard, run; Nate McCown, run; Danny Tomkiewixz, run, hit, 2RBI; Johnny McClain, run.

EPH: Gunnar Blankenship, run, 2 hits; Tyler Lutz, 2 hits, RBI; Peyton Guenther, run, hit.

Olympic (PA) Vs. Ellensburg

July 21: OLY 17, EBG 8

OLY: 414 033 2 — 17 on 21 hits, 1 E

EBG: 043 010 0 — 8 on 8 hits, 4 E

Battery — OLY: Corey Stone, Adam Iseri-Fujii, Travis Paynter, Curan Bradley and Ian Dennis. EBG: Taylor Smith, Drew Ledgard, Travis Lyman, Donny Ellersick and Isaac Wersland. W: Stone. L: Smith.

Lead offense — OLY: Austin Scarpa, 4 runs, 4 hits, 2RBI; Eathan Boyer, 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI; Iseri-Fujii, 2 runs, 3 hits, 4RBI; Ricky Crawford, 2 runs, 2 hits, 3 RBI; Paynter, 2 hits, RBI; Jordan Bruch, 3 hits, 2 RBI; Jace Bohman, run, 2 hits, 2RBI; Dennis, 2 runs, hit, RBI.

EBG: Colemane Sparling, run, 2 hits, 4RBI; Wersland, 2 hits, 3RBI; Kolton Storey, hit, RBI.

Ephrata Vs. Moses Lake

July 21: EPH 11, ML 7

EPH: 520 103 0 — 11 on 12 hits, 5 E

ML: 110 320 0 — 7 on 10 hits, 2 E

Battery — EPH: Tyler Lutz, Michael Crowder, Logan Moss and Nathan Ball. ML: Hakeem Olaniyan, Micah Sanchez, Cesar Sandoval and Joel Torres.

Lead offense — EPH: Gunnar Blankenship, hit, 2RBI; Ball, 2 runs, hit, RBI; Lutz, 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI; Rick Christensen, run, hit, RBI; Taylor, run, 3 hits, RBI; Seth Zerb, 2 runs, 3RBI; Crowder, hit, RBI.

ML: Torres, 3 runs, hit, RBI; Desmond Ortega, 3 hits, RBI; Hakeem Olaniyan, hit, 2RBI; Sanchez, run, hit, RBI; Derek Martinez, hit, RBI.

Seattle Bombers Vs. Sedro Woolley

July 21: SB 6, SW 3

SB: 510 000 0 — 6 on 12 hits, 2 E

SW: 210 000 0 — 3 on 3 hits, 2 E

Battery — SB: Tej Asher, Will Kramer and Nick Walls. SW: Devin Willard, Carter Crosby and Eli Everson. W: Kramer. L: Devin Willard.

Lead offense — SB: Kramer, run, hit, RBI; Simon Forinash, run, 3 hits, RBI; Walls, run, 2 hits, RBI; Trent Brooks, run, hit, RBI.

SW: Everson, run, hit RBI; Billy Hornbeck, hit, RBI; James Barney, hit, RBI.

Anacortes Tigerhawks Vs. Central Kitsap

July 21: ANA 15, CK 6

ANA: 130 326 0 — 15 on 7 hits, 4 E

CK: 021 021 0 — 6 on 11 hits, 6 E

Battery — ANA: Mason Diemert, Derek Cherryholmes, Payton Henderson and Hunter Anderson. CK: Ethan Goldizen, Skylar Stevens, Cameron Dubos, Taylor Saylor and Aidan Veach.

Lead offense — ANA: Anderson, 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI; Diemert, run, hit, RBI; Cherryholmes, run, hit, RBI; Elliot Horstman, 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI.

CK: Ross Lambert, 2 runs, 2 hits; Ethan Tufts, 2 hits, 3 RBI

Central Kitsap Vs. Ephrata

July 22: CK 9, EPH 7

CK: 002 600 1 — 9 on 8 hits, 1 E

EPH: 201 400 0 — 7 on 4 hits, 4 E

Battery — CK: Taylor Saylor, Melvin Santos, Eli Pereira and Aidan Veach. EPH: Logan Moss, Michael Crowder and Nathan Ball.

Lead offense — CK: Eli Pereira, run, hit, RBI; Ryan Huddleston, 2 run, 3 hits, 2RBI; Saylor, hit, RBI; Ethan Tufts, run, 2 hits, RBI; Ethan Goldizen, 2 runs, hit, RBI.

EPH: Moss, 2 runs, hit, 2RBI; Rick Christensen, 2RBI.

Olympic (PA) Vs. Spokane

July 22: OLY 16, SPN 0

OLY: 541 33X — 16 on 15 hits, 0 E

SPN: 000 00X — 0 on 1 hits, 5 E

Battery — OLY: Jace Bohman, Tanner Gochnour. SPN: Soren Stime, Sam Mobley and Andy Johnson. W: Bohman. L: Mobley.

Lead offense — OLY: Gochnour, run, 2 hits, 2RBI; Eathan Boyer, 2 run, 3 hits, 2RBI; Adam Iseri-Fujii, 2 runs, hit, 2RBI; Ricky Crawford, run, hit, RBI; Corey Stone, 2 runs, 2 hits, 2RBI; Bohman, 2 runs, 2 hits, 3RBI.

Seattle Bombers Vs. Ellensburg

July 22: SB 18, EBG 2

SB: 0(10)6 20 — 18 on 13 hits, 1 E

EBG: 002 00X — 2 on 1 hit, 6 E

Battery — SB: Casey Funk and Nick Walls. EBG: Alex Jackson, Donny Ellersick, Coleman Sparling, Taylor Smith and Drew Ledgard. W: Funk. L: Jackson.

Lead offense — SB: Will Kramer, run, 2 hits, RBI; Tej Asher, 2 runs, hit, RBI; 2 runs, hit, RBI; 4 runs, hit, RBI; 3 runs, 2 hits, 2RBI; 3 runs, 3 hits, 4RBI; Matt Glazer, run, 2 hits, 4RBI.

EBG: Travis Lyman, run, hit, RBI.

Moses Lake Vs. North Kitsap

July 22: NK 13, ML 3

ML: 012 00 X — 3 on 8 hits, 3 E

NK: 171 04 — 13 on 14 hits, 1 E

Battery — NK: Danny Tomkiewicz, Chase Bauer and Connor Green. ML: Cade Tunstall, Derek Martinez and Xavier Rodriguez. W: Tomkiewicz. L: Tunstall.

Lead offense — NK: Jarrod Felix, 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI; Joey Regan, 3 runs, 3 hits; Kole Milyard, 2 runs; Nate McCown, run, hit, RBI; Green, run, 2 hits, RBI; Christian Tom, 2 hits, 3RBI; Ben Pouliot, 2 runs, 2 hits, 2 RBI. ML: Hakeem Olanuyan, run, hit; Tunstall, run, 2 hits, RBI; Jason Cole, hit, RBI.

Central Kitsap Vs. Moses Lake

July 23: CK 7, ML 5

CK: 003 100 003 — 7 on 8 hits, 1 E

ML: 000 001 301 — 5 on 6 hits, 3 E

Battery — CK: Melvin Santos, Ethan Goldizen, Taylor Saylor and Aidan Veach. ML: Cesar Sandoval, Maceyn Cerrillo, Anthony Longmire, Cade Tunstall, Derek Martinez and Joel Torres.

Lead offense — CK: Elijah Pereira, run, RBI; Ross Lambert, 5 hits, 2RBI; Ryan Huddleston, RBI; Cameron Dubos, 2 runs, hit, RBI.

ML: Cerrillo, hit, RBI; Cesar Sandoval, run, 3 hits; Xavier Rodriguez, run, hit, RBI.

Spokane Vs. Sedro Woolley

July 23: SW 10, SPN 0

SPN: 000 000 0 — 0 on 3 hits, 5 E

SW: 012 241 1 — 10 on 6 hits, 1 E

Battery — SW: Devin Willard, Tristan Bradford and Eli Everson. SPN: Noah McMahon and Andy Johnson. W: Willard. L: McMahon.

Lead offense — SW: Dawson Biddix, 2 runs, hit, 2RBI; Riley Gerard, hit, 3RBI; Everson, 3 runs, hit; Willard, run, hit, 2RBI; Billy Hornbeck, hit, RBI; James Barney, hit, RBI; Carter Needham, run; Bradford, 2 runs.

Seattle Bombers Vs. Olympic (PA)

July 23: OLY 11, SB 6

OLY: (10)01 000 0 — 11 on 12 hits, 4 E

SB: 020 004 0 — 6 on 7 hits, 5 E

Battery — OLY: Jace Bohman, Kellen Landry, Curan Bradley, Eathan Boyer, Rickey Crawford and Ian Dennis. SB: Brandon Iritani, Simon Forinash, Trent Brooks and Ryan Monson. W: Bohman. L: Iritani.

Lead offense — OLY: Tanner Gochnour, run, RBI; Austin Scarpa, 3 runs, 3 hits, RBI; Boyer, 2 runs; Adam Iseri-Fujii, 1 run, 3 hits, 4RBI; Corey Stone, hit, 2RBI; Bohman, run, hit; Bradley, run, 3 hits. SB: Asher, run, 2 hits, RBI; Monson, RBI; Brooks, hit, 2RBI; Justin Glazer, 2 runs, hit, RBI; Brandon Iritani, run, hit; Glazer, run, hit.

Anacortes Tigerhawks Vs. North Kitsap

July 23: NK 14, ANA 4

NK: 101 147 X — 14 on 17 hits, 1 E

ANA: 301 000 — 4 on 5 hits, 9 E

Battery — NK: Randy Toop, Ben Pouliot and Connor Green. ANA: Sean Ferdig, Elliot Horstman, Payton Henderson, Joe Brennan and Hunter Anderson. W: Toop. L: Ferdig.

Lead offense — NK: Joey Regan, 4 runs, RBI; Kole Milyard, 2 runs, 4 hits, 4RBI; Nate McCown, run, 3 hits, 2RBI; Christian Tom, run, 3 hits, RBI; Johnny McClain, run, hit, RBI.

ANA: Mason Diemert, 2 runs; Henderson, 2 hits, 2RBI; Brennan, hit, RBI.

Seattle Bombers Vs. North Kitsap (Semifinal)

July 24: SB 8, NK 5

SB: 003 031 1 — 8 on 10 hits, 3 E

NK: 003 100 1 — 5 on 5 hits, 3 E

Battery — SB: Ran Monson, Tej Asher and Nick Walls. NK: Jarrod Felix, Chase Bauer, Joey Regan and Connor Green. W: Monson. L: Bauer.

Lead offense — SB: Asher, 2 runs, hit; Walls, run, 3 hits, 2RBI; 2 runs, 2 hits, RBI; run, 3 hits, 2RBI; Matt Glazer, hit, RBI.

NK: Felix, run; Kole Milyard, RBI; Nate McCown, run, hit, RBI; Green, run, 2 hits; Christian Tom, hit, RBI; Bauer, run, hit.

Ephrata Vs. Olympic (PA) (Semifinal)

July 24: EPH 18, OLY 7

EPH: 163 26 — 18 on 14 hits, 3 E

OLY: 003 04X — 7 on 6 hits, 4 E

Battery — EPH: Tyler Lutz, Michael Crowder and Nathan Ball. OLY: Ricky Crawford, Adem Iseri-Fujii, Corey Stone, Kellen Landry and Ian Dennis. W: Lutz. L: Crawford.

Lead offense — EPH: Gunnar Blankenship, run, 2 hits, RBI; Logan Moss, 5 runs, 2 hits, 5RBI; Ball, 3 runs, 3 hits, 3RBI; Lutz, 2 runs, 2 hits, 2RBI; Dakota Taylor, run, 2 hits, 2RBI; Peyton Guenther, 2 runs, hit, 2RBI; Owen Froewiss, 3 runs, hit.

OLY: Cameron Burns, run, RBI; Austin Scarpa, run, 2 hits, RBI; Boyer, 2 runs, hit; Iseri-Fujii, run, hit, RBI; Mason Rood, run, hit, RBI; Dennis, hit, RBI; Landry, RBI.

Seattle Bombers Vs. Ephrata (Final)

July 24: SB 7, EPH 3

SB: 000 001 105 — 7 on 9 hits, 3 E

EPH: 020 000 001 — 3 on 11 hits, 6 E

Battery — SB: Casey Funk, Jason Sarver and Nick Walls. EPH: Michael Crowder, Tyler Lutz, Logan Moss and Nathan Ball. W: Funk. L: Crowder

Lead offense — SB: Tej Asher, run, hit, 2RBI; Walls, run; Funk, run, 3 hits; Justin Murphy, run, RBI; Justin Glazer, 2 hits, RBI; Matt Glazer, run, 2 hits, RBI. EPH: Ball, run, hit; Lutz, run, 3 hits; Rick Christensen, run, hit, RBI; Peyton Guenther, hit, RBI.

Football, track and field camps begin next week at Kingston High School

July 21st, 2011 at 1:59 pm by Kipp Robertson
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Two football camps organized by Kingston High School’s head football coach Dan Novick begin on Monday.

A youth camp for athletes entering grades 3-8 will be held July 25-28 from 3-5 p.m.

A camp for athletes entering grades 9-12 will be held the same day.

Cost for either camp is $80, which may be mailed or delivered the first day of camp. Call Novick, (360) 394-1203

Track and field camps for students entering third through ninth grade will be held June 27-30 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Kingston High School track.

Cost is $60 and includes a t-shirt, snacks and prizes. Contact Karla Laubach (360) 394-4944.

North Kitsap Babe Ruth seeking volunteers for state tournament next week

July 15th, 2011 at 9:32 am by Kipp Robertson
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North Kitsap Babe Ruth is hosting the 13-year-old State Tournament next week and still needs volunteers.

The tournament runs July 19-24.

To volunteer, contact Brent Stenman:

A list of volunteer positions and time slots is below.

Babe Ruth tournament volunteer list

A total of 10 teams will participate in the tournament, including North Kitsap — the host team. North Kitsap will play its first game July 20 at 6 p.m.

The winner of the tournament will advance to the 13-Year-Old Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament, which is Aug. 1-6 in Kennewick, Wash. The winner of that goes on to the 13-Year-Old World Series (Aug. 19-Aug.26) in Clifton Park, N.Y.

Tickets will be available one hour prior to the first game each day. Day passes are $5 for adults, $3 for children (ages 6-15) and seniors (ages 60 and over). Children under the age of 6 are free. Family tournament passes are $50.

Back-to-back meetings for North Kitsap School Board Wednesday, Thursday

July 12th, 2011 at 5:34 pm by Kipp Robertson
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The North Kitsap School Board will meet with the Poulsbo City Council on Wednesday to discuss areas of mutual interest.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Poulsbo City Hall, 200 NE Moe St. The joint meeting was previously scheduled for May 25, but a lack of public notification caused Mayor Becky Erickson to reschedule.

City Council agenda can be found here.

The school board will meet again Thursday for a public hearing before discussing the final draft of the budgets. The public hearing begins at 6 p.m. following an executive session. Results from the community survey will be shared during the public hearing, which is scheduled to last about one hour.

The school board agenda can be found here.

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